How "The Art Of Power" Came To Be...In My Own Words
Aug 14

I went from being an athletic, energetic, productive member of society to overweight, weak and agoraphobic. The pain was intermittent at first, but the cramping in my limbs would take my breath away.  I could see the hematomas rise like aliens under my skin - the pain was blood curdling.   

The doctors poked and prodded and took enough blood to fill a minivan.  They said things like, “Your metabolism changes as you get older.  It's your hormones.”  Then one day I passed out in the lobby of a local hotel where I had been staying while I was looking for a place to live. I was diagnosed with systemic Lupus.  So began my search for experts: Dr. Alan Metzger remained my wonderful rheumatologist until he retired two years ago.  I went to live in the home of a dear friend’s mother who travels most of the year.  Dr. Martha Koo and her family have been an invaluable support to me.  When I felt strong enough to try it on my own, I was confronted with the many difficulties that inhibit independence when living with chronic illness.  “One Problem At a Time” became my mantra.  I am happy to say that I have finally found a brilliant rheumatologist, Dr. Ben-Artzi, who specializes in Lupus at UCLA with his kind and thorough Team.  

Finding my experts was all-consuming.  Once I had them, it was time to get back to work.  As a designer, having my craft space and workstations set up in an ergonomic, organized manner--and having everything within reach--was goal number one.  Easy access to my computer and to a glue gun (which requires plugging into a power outlet) remained a thorn in my side:  if I made it convenient, the extension cords were ugly;  if I made it pretty, it was physically exhausting to crawl around the floor.  And forget about the myriad of cables behind the TV and stereo that screamed for tidiness.

I took an extension cord and duct taped it to the top of an old non working tower fan and although it wasn't pretty, it got the job done.  My father Donald Beldock, a brilliant business man, inventor, and the smartest man I know, was visiting me from NYC.  He saw my barbaric looking contraption and asked about it.  He immediately saw the value in the idea, not only for those of us with limited mobility, but for everyone in this fast paced society.  We laughed about it being such an eye sore, and how the first thing I needed to do was start designing my dream power tower.

And so began the journey four years ago that took me out of my head, and sometimes even the pain, and into the world of creating something that could make life a little better, easier and safer.

Here are some of my tips on "How To Live Well with Chronic Pain and Special Needs"

Take good care,
Gwen Beldock

The Art Of Power "Let's Make A Difference" Contest on Pinterest
Aug 14

The Art Of Power - Let's Make A Difference Contest!

Contests are fun because there is always the possibility of winning a prize.  We thought we’d make it even more motivating if not only you win a FREE Tower by The Art Of Power, but you ALSO get to donate one to your favorite charity!  

Step 1
Follow The Art of Power on Pinterest
Step 2
Pin at least one pin that represents “Perfect Places for The Art of Power”.  Pin anything that represents your perfect spot for the Tower.  (Check out our “Perfect Places” Board for inspiration!)
Step 3
Tag your pins with #TheArtOfPower AND #MakeADifference
Step 4
Send us your email address at to keep updated about The Art Of Power’s new products and upcoming campaigns 
Step 5
Be entered to win a FREE Tower for yourself PLUS donate one to the Charity of your choice.  Let’s work together to #MakeADifference today!
(Contest expires on September 15th, 2014. 18+ US Only)

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Convention Center
Jun 27

The Dwell on Design 2014 event was held at the LA Convention Center last weekend and The Art Of Power Co-Founder Gwen Beldock and I couldn’t wait to go.  After making a game plan of the vendors we definitely wanted to visit and attending the KBTribeChat for some inside tips – we thought we were prepared for our first encounter.  

Coming from different directions, we decided to meet there.  Gwen chose to drive while I opted to take the train.  I’ve always enjoyed the train and had only taken the Metro Expo Line a couple times before – I highly recommend it.  Picked it up at Robertson and Venice, dropped me off 2 blocks from LA Convention Center, plus free parking and only a $1.50 per trip fare.  

Once aboard, I looked over my list of designers and companies that had piqued our interest the most: Miele, GE Monogram, Design Collective, FLOR, TOTO, Mr. Steam and Brown Jordan.  Since we are a company launching in the next few weeks, these are the design pros that we look up to…AND we had new brochures.  Almost felt like a “first-date”; exhilarating, genuinely curious about meeting, and of course, a little nervous!  Gwen and I talked as I was on the train and we sounded like teenagers going to the prom.  As we converged in the lobby, all we needed were our badges (i.e. corsages) and we were off on our adventure.  

Brrrrrnnng, “Where are you?”  

“We are right in front at Big Ass Fans – you should SEE these fans.  They are gorgeous.”  

“Oh my God, I just saw Miele!”



As we began the maze that is DOD2014, Gwen (who is also Chief Creative Officer) looked like the quarterback just asked her on a date in front of the team.  Our cheeks hurt from smiling at the brilliant lighting design from Koncepts, ergonomic Multi-Table products and stylish Dutch Urban Cycling bicycles.

Now we needed to find the talk hosted by GEMonogram with Michael A. Thomas from the Design Alliance for Accessible Sustainable Environments who wrote the book on “designing homes that last a lifetime.”  This we couldn’t miss.  After only a couple of attempts, we happened upon a very knowledgeable man with an iPad who told us where to go.  Kind of like knowing that the music to your special dance is just about to be played…and you have to be there.  We were on a mission.  

Around one last corner and BINGO – we found it.  Our favorite phrase was “making accessibility sexy”.  Maybe Americans are used to a 4” curb at the bottom of their shower, but when was the last time your shower overflowed?  This was the question Michael Thomas posed to the crowd.  Aging in place and the discussion of designing for quality of life over the long term…now we were blushing.  This was exactly what we came here for.  Mr. Thomas asked us for not one, but TWO brochures and we had officially arrived.  

As I boarded the train home, perusing my business cards, brochures, QRs and t-shirts, all I could do was smile and think about how much we look forward to the next connection.

Thank you Dwell on Design 2014 for making our first experience special – it was a little stressful, very enlightening and we will be even better next time.  

Pamela Saunders
Marketing Director - The Art Of Power

About The Art of Power 

Founded by a father daughter team with decades of entrepreneurial experience driving a modern, sophisticated design aesthetic, The Art of Power is a family owned and operated innovator, bringing chic, stylish design to the previously uninspired market of power distribution devices and chargers.  The Art of Power’s unique approach to product creation combines a strict emphasis on functional design combined with a focus not only on visual appeal but a drive to create beautiful, artistic pieces which will look right anywhere.  For additional information, visit