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How "The Art Of Power" Came To Be...In My Own Words
Aug 14

I went from being an athletic, energetic, productive member of society to overweight, weak and agoraphobic. The pain was intermittent at first, but the cramping in my limbs would take my breath away.  I could see the hematomas rise like aliens under my skin - the pain was blood curdling.   

The doctors poked and prodded and took enough blood to fill a minivan.  They said things like, “Your metabolism changes as you get older.  It's your hormones.”  Then one day I passed out in the lobby of a local hotel where I had been staying while I was looking for a place to live. I was diagnosed with systemic Lupus.  So began my search for experts: Dr. Alan Metzger remained my wonderful rheumatologist until he retired two years ago.  I went to live in the home of a dear friend’s mother who travels most of the year.  Dr. Martha Koo and her family have been an invaluable support to me.  When I felt strong enough to try it on my own, I was confronted with the many difficulties that inhibit independence when living with chronic illness.  “One Problem At a Time” became my mantra.  I am happy to say that I have finally found a brilliant rheumatologist, Dr. Ben-Artzi, who specializes in Lupus at UCLA with his kind and thorough Team.  

Finding my experts was all-consuming.  Once I had them, it was time to get back to work.  As a designer, having my craft space and workstations set up in an ergonomic, organized manner--and having everything within reach--was goal number one.  Easy access to my computer and to a glue gun (which requires plugging into a power outlet) remained a thorn in my side:  if I made it convenient, the extension cords were ugly;  if I made it pretty, it was physically exhausting to crawl around the floor.  And forget about the myriad of cables behind the TV and stereo that screamed for tidiness.

I took an extension cord and duct taped it to the top of an old non working tower fan and although it wasn't pretty, it got the job done.  My father Donald Beldock, a brilliant business man, inventor, and the smartest man I know, was visiting me from NYC.  He saw my barbaric looking contraption and asked about it.  He immediately saw the value in the idea, not only for those of us with limited mobility, but for everyone in this fast paced society.  We laughed about it being such an eye sore, and how the first thing I needed to do was start designing my dream power tower.

And so began the journey four years ago that took me out of my head, and sometimes even the pain, and into the world of creating something that could make life a little better, easier and safer.

Here are some of my tips on "How To Live Well with Chronic Pain and Special Needs"

Take good care,
Gwen Beldock

Press Release
Apr 16


Gorgeous, modern design powers, holds, and charges your favorite gadgets.

NEW YORK, NY – The Art of Power announced the launch of The Tower, a fusion of sophisticated technology and gorgeous, modern design.  Created with a sculptor’s eye and executed with sleek simplicity, the Tower is as much art suitable for any room in the house as it is practical standing surge protection that powers up to six electronic devices in a modern, unique design that fits and functions unobtrusively in any room and décor: in the home, office, or hotel.

The Tower stands up straight and delivers four regular AC power outlets, two USB charging ports, and a slip-on pocket which can hold your smart phone and tablet at the same time.  Now you can plug in and charge your devices right where you’re working—on the couch, near the bed, or even at your desk—without having to bend over.  

“We knew this would be a real design challenge from the start,” said Gwen A. Beldock, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of The Art of Power, “Raising power plugs up in a free-standing device so they can be seen and used is difficult enough from a mechanical perspective, but the real work was making the device so beautiful, stylish, and artistic that you would want to see it.  The result is The Tower:  graceful and elegant—it passes the ‘do I want this in my living room?’ test.”

The Tower’s base keeps the product upright and within reach anywhere it’s placed.  In addition to supporting The Tower when it is free-standing in the middle of a room, the base converts to allow placement flush up against the wall.  The Tower also features a unique cord management system which keeps all cords under control and out of the way, built into a durable, scratch resistant, and elegant tower shape which is built to last.  The two USB ports supply 2.1A power at 5VDC for your power-hungry devices (such as iPads), as well as four standard AC plugs for laptop power adapters, lamps, or anything else you might need to plug in.  It is UL certified as a power distribution and surge suppression device and meets FCC Part 15 B regulations.

The true definition of trend mixed with function, The Tower is a must-have.

About The Art of Power ( 

Founded by a father daughter team with decades of entrepreneurial experience driving a modern, sophisticated design aesthetic, The Art of Power is a family owned and operated innovator, bringing chic, stylish design to the previously uninspired market of power distribution devices and chargers.  The Art of Power’s unique approach to product creation combines a strict emphasis on functional design combined with a focus not only on visual appeal but a drive to create beautiful, artistic pieces which will look right anywhere.  For additional information, visit